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Low-Income Scholarships

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The CSSSA Low-Income Scholarship Fund ensures that no student is denied access to CSSSA due to their inability to pay tuition. Admission is solely merit-based; only after a student is accepted—based on artistic promise and accomplishment—is financial need considered. The CSSSA Foundation provides approximately $210,000 in financial need scholarships annually and has been able to provide over $4.5 million in annual scholarships since 1987.

Guest Artists Program

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Professional artists are invited to CSSSA each summer to educate, and inspire the students. Many of these artists focus on disrupting the status quo, making art that matters and addressing social justice issues. They challenge students to work beyond perceived limitations at an increasingly professional level. 

High Tech Equipment and Supplies


The CSSSA Foundation additionally supports CSSSA programs by facilitating the donation or use of high-tech equipment from generous sponsors. The film program is particularly grateful to Sony Pictures for its decades of support.

Outreach and Diversity Initiatives

Regional Outreach Coordinators

During CSSSA application season, the Foundation deploys Regional Outreach Coordinators to underrepresented sectors of California to raise awareness about the CSSSA opportunity. These Coordinators spend months working with schools and students to guide them and encourage them through the application process.


Press & Media

Raising awareness about the value of CSSSA is an integral part of ensuring that every teen artist has a chance to attend. By reaching out to press and media and increasing our social media footprint, the CSSSA Foundation is working to strengthen CSSSA and support its students before, during, and after their CSSSA session.


Community Partnerships

The CSSSA Foundation works to maximize its effectiveness by partnering with community organizations that already have relationships with students and their support systems. We are proud to partner with College Track and be part of their mission to support students from the ninth grade through graduation from a four-year college. Our combined resources will help these students reach their potential. 

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Advance CSSSA Graduates

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Herb Alpert Emerging Young Artists Scholarships
CSSSA College Scholarships
College Partnerships
College Access Tools
Alumni Network

CSSSA Sustainability


Our Endowment ensures the security of the Low Income Scholarships in the years to come. Currently, the Foundation has an endowment of over $3 million.

General Fund


A gift to The General Fund provides flexible funding for all areas of need, from general operating expenses to scholarships and bridge to college to alumni success programs. It enables the Foundation to most effectively direct funds toward programs and provide adequate resources to administer them.

Donate Now

In supporting CSSSA, you are supporting the next generation of artists. Your gift, no matter the amount, helps CSSSA achieve its mission and extend its impact far into the future.

Mail + Phone

If you prefer to donate by mail, please make checks payable to:

California State Summer School Arts Foundation
12575 Beatrice St., #A27
Los Angeles, CA 90066

To donate by phone, please call (626) 584-4055