Friends of CSSSA Day 2018

Thank you for joining us for the 32nd annual Friends of CSSSA Day.

We are thrilled to have you come to campus and see what CSSSA is all about.

Below is today's program:

Lilibeth_Jimenez_Piece2 - Lili Jimenez (1).jpg

9:45 - 10:25 - CSSSA Class Session Observation

Arrive by 9:45am to select your visit to one of three classes. From 10 to 10:30am you  sit in on:

  • Animation
  • Theater (contact improv)
  • Dance Compositions

After your class, return to the main reception area.

Please note: no late arrivals will be added to class visits to keep from disrupting teachers and students.


10:30 - 10:40 - Welcome to CSSSA

All guests will convene for coffee and pastries in the Main Reception Area.

Kathryn_Li_Piece3 - Kathryn Li (1).jpg

10:45 - 11:10 - Campus or Visual Art Gallery Tours

Select from two tour options:

  • Option 1 - Take a guided tour with Michael Fields (CSSSA Director) to various parts of the program in action. Your tour will go in this sequence: 
    • Dance (LUND)
    • ROD (Music)
    • Supershop (Sculpture)
    • Animation
    • Printmaking
    • Painting
    • Gamelon
  • Option 2 - Take a guided tour of the visual arts galleries with CSSSA staff.

After the tours, all guests return to the MOD Lobby to see short animation film by CSSSA alumni.


11:15 - 11:55 - Presentations in the Main Gallery

See presentations by teachers and alumni, featuring:

  • An interdisciplinary work in progress taught by Guest Artist, Sonja Bruszauskas
  • An excerpt from a theater movement class led by CSSSA faculty member (and alum), Jessica Hemingway
  • An aria performed by CSSSA music faculty


Aidan_Chang_Piece2  - Aidan Sky.jpg

12:00 - Jazz Lunch in Langley Hall

Enjoy Mexican cuisine and live jazz music as well as a chance to speak with arts  colleagues

  • Welcome from Michael Fields (CSSSA Director) and Heidi Kershaw (CSSSA Foundation Executive Director)
  • Mexican cuisine and live jazz music
  • Chat with fellow arts and education colleagues

Non-photography images above provided by the following talented CSSSA alumni: 

Piece 1: Coraline at the Well - Lilibeth Jimenez, Animation 2013

Piece 2:  Brain Spelunking - Kathryn Li, Animation 2015

Piece 3: Scorched - Aidan Chang, Animation 2017