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California Community College Guide

A Guide to the Arts

Link to a web based version of the guide.
Link to the guide overview.
Download an Excel file version of the guide. 
Download a .pdf version of the guide.

Disclaimer:  The purpose of this guide is to serve as a point of reference for further investigation on the part of the user.  The most reliable source for information will be the institution's website.  This is not an official or definitive document nor an endorsement for any particular college. 

Our goal in creating this guide was to identify those community colleges that offered programs in one of the seven CSSSA disciplines or something closely related to; animation, art, creative writing, dance, film, music, and theatre.  We then tried to drill down deeper to see if we could discern which programs would provide the kind of education necessary for students to transfer into a four-year college or university as a major in their chosen art form.  What we discovered is that it is extremely difficult to make any definitive conclusions. 

Having said that, we have made our best attempt to provide such a guide.  If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or submissions, please let us know.