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Film College and Career Resources

In addition to the positions of screenwriter, producer, and director, this specialty involves dozens of professional positions devoted to the writing, conceptualizing, visual and auditory design, staging, shooting, and editing of films and videos. Just a partial list of positions reveals the reach and range of skills involved :

  • Art Director—chooses locations and sets that give the film its visual identity
  • Costume Designer, Creature Designer, Set Designer
  • Storyboard and Concept Artist—translate the screenplay into illustrations
  • Director of Photography
  • Lighting Supervisor, Sound Designer, Mechanical and Special Effects Managers
  • Music Composer, Arranger, Editor, and Dubbing Mixer
  • Audio Visual Technician—creates and synchs sound and visual images
  • Editor—(aided by specialists in After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Pro), assembles the final footage.

12 Questions to Consider as you select a program in Film:

  1. How many film students does the program accept and what is the faculty-tostudent ratio?
  2. Are the studio spaces/ equipment sufficient to answer your needs and those of all other enrolled students?
  3. When you read over the course list, does it seem “on”, or are there courses you think important that are not included?
  4. What is the reputation/ achievements of faculty members? Are these based on creative work or teaching skill?
  5. Are you comfortable with public critiques of your work?
  6. Are you interested in crewing other students’ projects?
  7. Are you comfortable learning about all aspects of the industry—screenwriting, directing, production—or would you rather focus exclusively on your particular area of interest?
  8. Is your orientation more toward the history of film, or the creation of original material?
  9. Will your classes be taught by the main faculty member or by graduate students?
  10. Does the school showcase? If not, in what ways does it assist seniors in entering the workplace?
  11. What do administrators/ instructors feel distinguishes their program from others’?
  12. How strong is the alumni network and how does it function?

Degrees and Majors: Film
AS Degree at the Community College level
BA or BFA in Film
MFA Masters in Fine Art
Phd Doctorate

BFA or BA? See this PDF from the National Association for College Admission Counseling
Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2014 National Association for College Admission Counseling

Highlights of college level training in California

Bridge to College Tip: Many film designers in lighting, sound, set, makeup, costume, and prop get their start in theatre.

Bridge to College Tip: Training and careers in Web Design, Web Development, or Webcasting (assisting companies to broadcast over the internet) use skills learned in film and video.

Searching for the Right College Fit: Do they have my major?

Based on the seven disciplines offered at CSSSA, here is a pocket guide to see at-a-glance what arts majors are offered at four-year state colleges/ universities:
The California State University system
The University of California system

Colleges that participate in Bridge to College or the CSSSA College Fair:
Independent Colleges – In California
Independent Colleges – Outside of California

In addition, here is a pocket guide to the California Community Colleges also based on the seven CSSSA disciplines: Click Here.

Educational Institutions: If you would like to see your college or university listed here, please contact the CSSSA Foundation.

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Film & Video Resources and Career information

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