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Dance College and Career Resources

There are a number of Careers related to the Dance Field. Beyond dancer, teacher, choreographer and producer, dancers are called upon to be arts administrators, events coordinators, managers and leaders of arts organizations. Dancers are also active in the healing arts such as physical therapy, dance medicine and dance therapy.

Bridge to College Tip: Dance majors are sometimes located in theatre departments, physical education departments or in their own schools.

12 Questions to Consider as you select a program in Dance:

  1. How many dance majors attend the program?
  2. What is the teacher to student ratio?
  3. Do you need to declare a specialty such as Ballet, or Modern Dance or World Dance Studies at the beginning of the program?
  4. What are the performance opportunities?
  5. What are the teaching opportunities?
  6. Are there community relationships established with dance studios, dance companies or community programs?
  7. Is the setting rural or urban? Will you be able to access and attend professional performances either on campus or in town?
  8. What have noted alumni accomplished?
  9. Are there options to take a dance minor?
  10. What happens if you want to switch your major?
  11. Do you need to audition (is it in person or by video/dvd/youtube?)
  12. What is the reputation, training and background of the faculty?

Degrees and Majors: Dance
AA Degree at the Community College level
BA or a BFA in Dance at the 4-year Undergraduate Level - BFA or BA? See this article by Dance Informa Magazine. Reprinted with permission Copyright 2011 Dance Informa Magazine
MFA at the Graduate level. This is considered the terminal degree and is what most dance faculty hold.
PhD in Dance Education or Research is offered at select institutions providing a career as the chair of a Dance Department or other scholarly writer/researcher.

Highlights of college level training in California
Searching for the Right College Fit: Do they have my major?

Based on the seven disciplines offered at CSSSA, here is a pocket guide to see at-a-glance what arts majors are offered at four-year state colleges/universities:
The California State University system
The University of California system

Colleges that participate in Bridge to College or the CSSSA College Fair:
Independent Colleges – In California
Independent Colleges – Outside of California

In addition, here is a pocket guide to the California Community Colleges also based on the seven CSSSA disciplines: Click Here.

Educational Institutions: If you would like to see your college or university listed here, please contact the CSSSA Foundation.

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Performing Arts Majors College Guide: By Peterson's, Carole J. Everett
Dance Magazine's article on Dance Degrees that don't Break the Bank. Reprinted here with permission from Dance Magazine, Copyright 2014. Written by CSSSA Dance Alum, Monica J. Cameron Frichtel
Dance Magazine’s Guide to Colleges
Capezio's article on How to Choose a College Dance Program. Reprinted with permission, Copyright 2014 Capezio

Career information (and job boards)
National Dance Education Organization
Dance USA
California Dance Educators Organization
The Art Career Project’s article on careers in dance
University of Texas’ Career Guide for Dance Majors

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