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MentorDef.jpgA mentor is like having a personal Yoda to guide and direct you as you start on your career path. 

"Having a mentor helped me shape the best direction for my career.  I got advice and access to opportunities I otherwise would not have, because I knew someone."

Leslie Fraser, CSSSA Dance, 2003
Development Associate, National Dance Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Why Do I need a Mentor?
Having an objective person in your life can be very helpful as you navigate your chosen career path.  Often, when we are faced with making big career decisions, we have no previous experience from which to draw on.  Other voices that have “been there, done that” may be able to use their collective wisdom to provide guidance.
What can I expect from a Mentor?
A mentor will…

  • Provide information and advice
  • Encourage you to take risks
  • Offer listening and positive feedback
  • Plan with you how to work through a challenge
  • Offer a different perspective or point of view

How do I find a Mentor?
Don’t be hesitant to approach someone to act as your mentor – they will consider it an honor. Look around at your school, community, friends of parents, teachers and other adults you admire.   If they have the time and inclination, they will certainly respond.

Spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve with the help of your mentor.   Then select a person that you feel best reflects the kind of person or leader you want to become. Some may come directly from your field, others may be outside of your "intended career path."

CSSSA Foundation Bridge to College is here to help!  Let us know if you would like us to help you find a mentor in your field!

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