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CSSSA VLOG: Matthew Nadel

Matthew Nadel, CSSSA Film 2015, is currently a junior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he concentrates on film in the Communication Arts Department. He served as the Vice Chair of the Florida Youth Commission and wants to create film and video for art and social change. Matt heard about CSSSA online, and after completing copious research and speaking with Film/Video Department Chair Lee Lynch, decided that CSSSA would broaden his horizons and allow him to grow as an artist.

Before entering CSSSA Matt felt that film was basically a technical pursuit, but after his time CSSSA, he realized that it is a synthesis of technology used to create a piece of art.  His favorite memory of CSSSA was when the entire film department collaborated to create a spinoff of Alice In Wonderland, which was shot on 16mm film.
Matt has just finished co-directing and co-producing a 16-minute short film entitled Runaway. Runaway is a true story about a young couple that escapes into the wilderness to hide from the issues and pressures of daily life. However, in isolation, they discover problems of much greater magnitude. The movie is currently being submitted to festivals all over the world, including the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at Cannes. Runaway is also an Official Selection and a Finalist in Northwestern University's Cherubs Cinema Contest.
What Matt learned at CSSSA about assembling a diversity of talent to create a singular work of art has served him well on this current project. You can hear more from Matt about his CSSSA experience by clicking the above and check out his video work here.