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CSSSA Financial Aid Scholarship Program

The CSSSA admission process is based on a student’s artistic promise and artistic accomplishment. Only AFTER a student is accepted to CSSSA is financial need considered. CSSSA has removed the obstacle of cost of attendance, by providing financial aid to every qualified, accepted CSSSA student.

No California resident student will be denied access to CSSSA due to financial circumstances. The CSSSA Scholarship Program ensures that the student body reflects the state’s geographic, ethnic and economic diversity. In collaboration with the California Department of Education, CSSSA’s board of trustees developed the process by which scholarships are awarded. Eligibility is based on an assessment formula relating to family income, using the Federal Methodology. The Scholarship Program works in tandem with CSSSA’s outreach and recruitment initiatives. Each year, nearly 40 percent of CSSSA students qualify for full or partial tuition assistance, and since 1987, underserved students have received more than $4 million. In 2013, approximately 200 CSSSA students from all over California will receive scholarship assistance.

CSSSA is often transformative, as described by alumni Anthony Suarez “CSSSA has been a life changing experience for me. I’m so grateful that I was able to take part in something so amazing. I learned so much and met so many great people. One invaluable thing CSSSA gave me was validation. CSSSA showed me that I can actually make a living doing what I love and that it’s not a ridiculous thing to chase after. Before CSSSA I was not confident that I could actually work in animation. Winning the Herb Alpert Award showed me that people believe in me, and that pushes me to work even harder. The arts are so competitive, and it can get so overwhelming and discouraging at times. It’s endlessly comforting to know that there are people who believe that I can succeed.” Anthony Suarez 2012

An outstanding group of funders supports CSSSA’s annual Scholarship Program.